$hrewd, by Will McCoy
Where The Sun Stops, by Will McCoy
Second Citizen, by Will McCoy

COMING WINTER 2019. Lewis 'Loose Screw' Ackerman is a destitute socialist cripple who robs a bank in his desperation only to find he's been kidnapped by the honchos of Lord Richard Goldenburn, heir to the  world's largest banking empire, as his captors take him on a jet setting trip around the world to show him the best life has to offer, if Lewis will help agree to settle a bet between him and his wild younger brother, in this dark, clever story about disparity with a shocking twist at the end.

COMPLETED SUMMER 2019. Where The Sun Stops is the story of Oliver Henderson, a nice guy 'super dad' father of five step children, four of which he takes into the desert during a crazy weekend to find his eldest runaway stepson, not knowing a dangerous manhunter is lurking in the shadows and is out for blood. Like Deliverance by James Dicky meets The Grey by Ian Mackenzie Jeffers, fast paced, and all action in less than one hundred and fifty pages of intense prose.

COMPLETED SUMMER 2019. Second Citizen, the brutally honest first person account of Independence Rivera, a fed up Latino who works in television, who pitches his plan for a reality TV show to his bosses where second class citizens get a chance to rule a second government, all in the hopes of coming first, where he must outwit his wily coworkers and make all of the right moves in a world that is out to get rid of him in this dark statement about corruption and corporate murder.

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