Rattlesnake And Copperhead Dens Of The N

A master of dark fiction, Will McCoy, the pen name for author Dylan Christopher, is an emerging talent in the literary world, with 9 complete novels and well over a hundred in the works at various stages of completion. As an author of controversial and transgressive commercial fiction, he aims to capture the dark, honest side of life and the struggles peoples face in our world, often with unique voices and perspectives, putting focus on ensuring that each work can easily be translated into screenplays and films, and is currently completing novels at least every few months. Born in New York City and raised in the Hudson Valley, Will McCoy has lived in Southern California and Vermont, and is currently residing in New York.



Skenguin / Random Home is a fictitious publishing company used for the cover and inner books design that the author has put together to showcase his work to the right people. This does not mean the work is fraudulent, and at this point in time the works themselves are not for sale or available to the general public. The printed and digital copies are for select people in the industry and friends of the author. Hence Will McCoy is not self published nor contracted by any agent or publisher, although is in the market for finding the right representation. Although the cover designs, reviews and synopsizes are not from industry sources, the top quality work that went into designing them by the author himself is of the utmost legitimacy, along with the actual works. In simple, the books were designed to showcase the author's work and give people in the industry an idea of the finished work from a commercial perspective. Printed copies, short stories, and other writing, along with artwork samples can be provided upon request.

*Recommended for the Iowa Writer's Workshop by established authors and people in their field, Will McCoy has had his work requested by top agents and editors and is currently looking for the right representation.