Random artwork and writing samples from different projects.

Johnny Non-Lethal Cover
$hrewd Cover
A Gallon And A Carton Of Grace Cover
7 Steps Various Covers
SLAVE Character Sketches
Printed 5.83 x 8.25 Copies
Photo Of Printed Books
JNL Gun Finger Cover
Some Other Tomorrow Cover
One Cover
Traffic Light Title Drawing
JNL Character Sketches
One - Chapter Page 01
BTNATN - Chapter Page 01
BTNATN - Chapter Page 02
One - Drawing Cover
Survivor's Symbol
Second Citizen Commie Cover
OIWK Cover - Butterflies
SLAVE - Darla Cover
Printed Copies
Author Page
Slave Pruple
AGAACOG Gas Station Key
Where the Sun Stops Cat Hole cover
All 5.23 books
FTHITS - Screaming Crow
Skenguin Purple
FTHITS - Crows In Field