01/2020 - Three private periodicals to add to my resume. One on venomous snake dens in the north east, a several year project I spent hiking to remote rattle snake and copperhead dens, written for select experts in the conservation field. Also, a grammar and story telling study guide and a private foraging manual.

Rattlesnake & copperhead Dens Of the NE,
NE Forager's Manual Preview.jpg
Will McCoy's Grammar Book Preview.jpg

12/2019 - Will McCoy's Author's Compendium added to my site


10/2019 - Mock-up film posters for my upcoming Star Wars screenplay

Star Wars - POTDS - Poster -
Star Wars - POTD - Poster 02 - Complete.
Star Wars - POTDS - Poster 03 - Complete
Star Wars - POTDS - Poster 04 - Complete

09/29/2019 - Dime store novel sized copies of my works now available..


8/08/2019 - Author's copies of Where The Sun Stops are now here!


7/19/2019 - Author's copies of Second Citizen are now here!




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